Piek, Upercent, Sutja Gutierrez, Affkt – Son Of A Thousand Sounds [Sincopat]

Son of a Thousand Sounds sees the brilliant Spaniard restore with a together and typical 12-supervise aural bet, fusing together elements of Techno, Quarters, straightforward beats, immersive Pop and Electronica. Now with one foot on the caper-make fall, its the unmatched era to highlight the albums most banging tracks, San Diego and Oxi. The albums stirring opener Dreamback gets things off to a choice start showcasing the senior of a handful alluring socialistic-clearing soundscapes that the album has of extend. AFFKTs proclivity for mould-shifting by virtue of genres makes him a absolute pick not fair for clubbers, but also Indie, Pop and Electronic music enthusiasts. These two rockin and striking compositions transpose seamlessly from downcast moments to explosions of electronic elation, boasting noteworthy synth melodies and propulsive Techno-Assembly beats. Between Us follows a few cuts later, seeing AFFKT illustrate his passion for a undisturbed tie with Techno/Dub music by, delivering an edgy covenant of time to come bass-lines, subtly beats and outer stretch chained melodies. Gain, lets not omit Flashcrash, what could clearly be a important respect to the universe-notable cavort duo The Chemical Brothers. With his numbering, Pop sensations include categorically infatuated a sponsor sofa in prejudice of uncompromising caper overwhelm functionality. At times funky and unsophisticated, now highly-strung and suggestion-fetching. Other highlights comprehend, the emotional and optimist reflect on of Boira (composed alongside Upercent), the 3.5 twinkling of an eye synth worshiping Mareny, the natural and bizarrely nostalgic sounding Ceniza additional AFFKT and Pieks smooth flirtation with deconstructed Blood music entitled Esclafit – if you're looking for some arcane, uncivilized and agreeable wind-based hoof it sounds, this long story purpose indubitably convince. For the heretofore 9 years, AFFKT – actual favour, Marc Martinez Nadal – has amassed a fecund and mixed melodious carry on, including the pass out of his critically acclaimed launching LP Punto 0 in 2012 and, amongst innumerable others, a series of admirably-received current offerings on respected labels such as; Suara, NM2, Exploited, Kitball, Kling Klong profit, of conduct, his profoundly own Sincopat. Flashcrash boasts the skilled vocal talents of Sutja Gutierrez (a colleague of the strip The Fruhstucks) who also appears on The Accompany (the albums foremost distinct) and Someone in the Sky (the albums alternate unwed).

Affkt - Dreamback (Original Mix)
Affkt - Oxi (Album Version)
Affkt - San Diego (Album Version)
Affkt - Between Us (Original Mix)
Affkt, Sutja Gutierrez - The Show (Album Version)
Affkt - Ikigai (Original Mix)
Affkt, Sutja Gutierrez - FlashCrash (Album Version)
Affkt, Upercent - Boira (Original Mix)
Affkt, Sutja Gutierrez - Someone In The Sky (Album Version)
Affkt - Mareny (Original Mix)
Affkt - Ceniza (Original Mix)
Affkt, Piek - Esclafit (Original Mix)