picoVolt, Spurz, Inner Child, Lamer – Cordial Misery [Drama Hands]

A culmination of years split equally between djing in basements and playing in hardcore bands, Lamer is comprised of Gumsmile and Drama Hands auteur j. d. Rhodes. A tongue-in-cheek poke at their home city of Edmonton, Cordial Misery serves as the debut outing for the techno duo.

The malefic, siren-esque bass and thudding kick drum of "Blight Ave" set the tone for the EP — as haunting pads swell, a creepy lead line snakes in and a detached voice mutters in your ear. "Peelerz" serves as the EP's heaviest track — though it begins with nothing more that a hi-hat and a morphing 303, it works its way into a 4/4 stomper with a heavy rolling bass line and more unsettling voices. Minimalism is king in "Muttardation" — from the understated yet effective percussion to the cheeky organ that would fit perfectly in any arcade game's jungle level.

Inner Child steps up first on remix duties — his take on "Blight Ave" is a belter, extending the original's vocal sample into a terrifying breakdown before it all comes hammering back in. Spurz's 'Club Reduction' of "Peelerz" begins with an electro house rework of the original bassline before evolving into a noisy surger for the after hours set. picoVolt adds his trademark analog attack to "Muttardation", attaching a pulsating boomerang bass and highly effective breaks.

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Lamer - Blight Avenue (Original Mix)
Lamer - Peelerz (Original Mix)
Lamer - Muttardation (Original Mix)
Lamer - Blight Avenue (Inner Child remix)
Lamer - Peelerz (Spurz's Club Reduction)
Lamer - Muttardation (picoVolt remix)