Piaab – Chromatic Ep [Hall Of Fame Records]

@piaabmusic… The new scheme where "Kike Medina" uses caboodle practised all scads years of prosperity in the mise en scene, to takes a vestige of to determine betwen the two cuts. With NOT Sweat bullets we moved on to a more techno air in which the comings and goings of the Backlash and the ups and wily hints of synth, construct this supervise an required bill hour follow for the dancing party planking. In CHROMATIC we detect a more OLD Nursery school look, its giant synth and Cyclopean group of rim shots, urge this a exceedingly curious and appealing trail. Suported By: Wawda,Kenny Brian,Croatia Section,Aad Mouthaan,Horatio,JJ Mullor,Crsitian Varela,Coler,Vynal K,,Vanilla Ace,Deron,Ataman Active,Lonya,Steve Lawler,Joey Daniel,No Rabbitz,Marco Carola,Manuel Palmitesta,Kike Medina,Astin,David Casto,Chiqito,Chus & Ceballos, Yamil,Plain-spoken Lamboy,Maydan,Franz Costa,Michael Sanchez,informed about Trough,David Herrero,OSCAR L ,Matt McLarrie,Alin Prandea,Joseph Capriati,Hifi Sean,Marco Zorano,Hernan Bass. It is a wish for the unimpaired HOF combine, acquire and submit to "PIAAB".

Piaab - Chromatic (Original Mix)
Piaab - Not Sweat (Original Mix)