Philip Bader, Rene Sandoval – Medina Ep [Cosmo Records]

On this EP COSMO records presents two artists, René Sandoval from Argentina and Philip Bader from Germany (Berlin). Both of them came in Morocco to record acoustics samples with the participation of 4 muscians:

– Maalem Yassine (guembri)
– Senhaji (percussions)
– Sidi Mohammed (Lute)
– Simo (keys)

Hypnotic bass: This tack has a really gnaoua rythm, it is very groovy. The sound of the guembri offers a very warm sensation on this minimal track.

Deep medina: The track is a real travel, very colourful. Vocals are very present. The lute's part gives you shivers, the melody sounds very traditional and really modern at the same time.

Hou!!!: Philip has perfectly worked the acoustic samples and has adpated them in a berliner minimal way. The kick and the bass are very heavy.

Rene Sandoval - Deep Medina (Original Mix)
Rene Sandoval - Hypnotic Bass (Original Mix)
Philip Bader - Houu!!! (Original Mix)