Phelios – Human Stasis Habitat [Loki Foundation]

After two distinguished CDs on Spiteful Records Martin Sturtzer returns with his new PHELIOS album Hominoid Stasis Bailiwick. Compassionate Stasis Surroundings is a persistent maelstrom of din waves utilising royal and foreboding dronescaping underlaid by extreme bass tones and stuffed with echoes. These add a massive void to the textural darkness enlarging its stoically cosmic ambiance in the most splendorous way. It is the fulfilled soundtrack for an aural excursion far beyond the Terra and our vision into the deepest spaces where the bleak is headlight enough. Its predecessors opened the gates to a paramount tour with whopping give one the impression walls of cosmic fate and ritualistic percussion; the new album moves deeper to the essence from which the massive audio sculptures of PHELIOS turn out.

Phelios - Triangulum (Original Mix)
Phelios - Stasis Device (Original Mix)
Phelios - Signal (Original Mix)
Phelios - Light Curve Wave (Original Mix)
Phelios - Tharsis (Original Mix)
Phelios - Spectral Momentum (Original Mix)
Phelios - Eye of Terror (Original Mix)