Phace, Rawtekk – Reloaded, Pt. 1 [Methlab Recordings]

1 & 2 Rawtekk possess revised, reimagined, redefined and remastered the choicest of their trade to ancient compelling the ceaseless ideas of these tracks, evolving them and bringing them decisively into the Non-Standard presently sounding fresher than continuously. The a 4 years possess seen them initiate a yoke of primary LPs in the build of Sprouted & Formed and Heres To Them for Medschool, with Rawtekk exploring new territories then speculative and copious, other times street lamp and airy but continually with an complete commitment to stretching the borders of whats viable. The Reloaded series marks the crossing of a bed into a new era for the duo, with ferocious new data entering its a unmatched patch to proffer a index to the prior and evolve it to take a position in the these days. With Reloaded Pts. Rawtekk face as one of the most differing and bold-rational dynamic acts of today, combining the noble otherworldly vocals of Eisblume with the unfailingly together sound create of the o duo.

Rawtekk - Repulsion (Reloaded)
Rawtekk - Seduce (Reloaded)
Rawtekk - Silent Rave (Reloaded)
Rawtekk - D.N.A (Reloaded)
Rawtekk - Soul Socket (Reloaded)
Rawtekk - Big Up (Reloaded)
Rawtekk - Hunter (Reloaded)
Rawtekk - Respond (Reloaded)
Rawtekk - Inside Tekk (Reloaded)
Phace, Rawtekk - Life Goes On (Reloaded)
Rawtekk - Hammerum (Reloaded)