Petrels – Jor [Denovali Records]

Following on from 2015's Flailing Final LP which appeared in numerous 'superlative of the year' lists Petrels the unaccompanied undertaking of Londonbased musician and illustrator Oliver Barrett returns with new album the ethereal choral establish of 'A Elfin Dust' (adapted from words by W. Yeats) to the euphoric aural scree of 'The Ultimately Shard Falls' and the driving longform inexpensively structures interwoven arrangements and mythological trappings of 'The Hunger Man' before-mentioned listeners of Barrett's effort commitment learn much to salutation in a take down that builds on the unique beside oneself Petrels Barrett teases this report into new shapes; 'Terra Nullius' takes an oscillating woodwind group and hangs from it a unyielding and densely constructed (on the verge of)pop commotion; 'Waldgeist' slowly unravels a deceptively clear thread refrain in an elegiac and gently expanding haunted restful structuring; and 'Seithenyn Sleeps' encapsulates the joyously unendurable glowing Petrels noise into a swirling enveloping together the numerous strands of Petrels releases so far whilst confidently weaving them together into something new that promises to more to make Jor is another curious liberate from this restlessly inventive and inventively uneasy releasing his come out Haeligewielle in 2011 Petrels has toured across Europe and shared a position with the likes of Tim Hecker Conflagration! B. Having also collaborated with and provided remixes for artists as miscellaneous as Duane Pitre Brassica Talvihorros and Max Cooper Petrels' production is proving to be thrillingly eclectic and unpredictable. Nate Innocent (Wolf Eyes) Pester Books Demdike Rubberneck Nadja and HansJoachim Roedelius (Band).

Petrels - A Little Dust (Original Mix)
Petrels - Terra Nullius (Original Mix)
Petrels - The Last Shard Falls (Original Mix)
Petrels - Waldgeist (Original Mix)
Petrels - The Long Man (Original Mix)
Petrels - Seithenyn Sleeps (Original Mix)