Pete Schwinge, Eric Shans – Sidewinder [3Bridge Records]

Just in time for summer, Eric Shans' single 'Sidewinder' is another demonstration of his ability to craft interesting dance music for your ears and your legs. This single also includes the always solid and inventive producer Pete Schwinge on remixing duties.

The 'Original Mix' uses a warm sub bass line as its core and creates fun, twisted melodies and synth workouts around it. House stabs, quirky vocal samples, and thick percussive elements drive the track, making it a tech-house romp that will bring smiles to those dancers faces. The 'Scrambler Mix' goes for more the straight ahead (but no less unique) direction with drifting analog pads and sophisticated driving rhythms. And with the 'Buzz Motif Mix', Schwinge brings his own musicality into the the track with great production techniques and pristine sequencing that ultimately peaks with a 'hands in the air' crescendo that will leave people wanting more.

Take a ride on the 'Sidewinder'.

Eric Shans - Sidewinder (Original Mix)
Eric Shans - Sidewinder (Scrambler Mix)
Eric Shans - Sidewinder (Buzz Motif Mix)