Perfect Fuzion, Positive Addiction, Deepdoon, Domestic Science – New Horizons [DeepStitched]

DeepStitched welcomes back Domestic Science with another deep single called New Horizons, with 3 killer remixes to boot.

New Horizons (3AM Mix) – The 3AM Mix boasts some very deep pads that are the staple of the track. Everything else throughout the piece is just meat on the bone. The drum work is excellent, kick is thumping, hats are crisp and there's a bit of a subtle change up with the 4 on the floor beat. There's a nice little vocal that sounds like it was ripped right from a NASA radio log that takes the track deeper into its late or early 3AM mix, whichever kind of club goer you are. At a runtime of over 9min, this track is a welcomed treat from Domestic Science.

New Horizons (Deepdoon Midnight Mix) – Deepdoon has a remix that sticks close to the original, but is given a more musical vibe. The use of static silence and dust to emulate the sound of a vinyl playback is top notch. The drum work is similar to the original, but Deepdoon adds a more bubbly bass-line to their version. They play well with the original pads and bump them up an octave, just for a bit more depth, as well as throwing in a bit of sax. This guy also clocks in at over 9min long but it's over before it's started.

New Horizons (Perfect Fusion 5AM Mix) – DeepStitched welcomes newcomer Perfect Fusion to the family with the 5AM Mix. This version is just a straight floor burner and appropriately titled for the clubs in Berlin. The drum track is driving and is added by a bass-line that also gives it some grit. The pads are still used from the 3AM version, but are coupled with a nice breathy breakdown that rounds out a welcomed addition to this fine single.

New Horizons (Positive Addiction 7AM Mix) – To round out this release, we have another newcomer to the DeepStitched family in the form of Positive Addiction. This version is a real treat to listen to and could very easily be used cleverly in a set. It is the slowest of the four tracks but boy, does it do a good job of holding its own. Drums are rich, bass-line is bumping and the pads are lush. The vocal sample has been retained in this version, but is used sparingly. One word to sum this remix up; intelligent.

Domestic Science - New Horizons (3AM Mix)
Domestic Science - New Horizons (Deepdoon Midnight Remix)
Domestic Science - New Horizons (Positive Addiction 7AM Remix)
Domestic Science - New Horizons (Perfect Fuzion 5AM Remix)