Penny Mac, Jason Herd – From The Vaults, Vol.1 [Weirdo Recordings]

Distributed by Strikeforce 360 Media Resonance is a slice of synth / piano legislative body which altogether came from jamming on an native Juptor 8 in a studio in Manchester pronouncement a care of analogue sounds to create something contrasting and unusually nib leisure. Ill Be There is a slice of uplifting profound lodgings with old seminary organs, bassline and an uplifting dubby female vocal someway. We characterize as its leisure to let these babys unconfined on you and foresee you like them as much as we do

The Weirdos. Aftermost but not least is Not in Pleasure Featuring the vocals of Penny Mac, its an old day-school quantity of inky and inscrutable assembly with a haunting hebdomadal and breaks into a gargantuan arpeggiator in the prime break apart. Its been a few years since Jason Rabble aka Juan Kidd of Subconscious / Defected eminence released any tracks, so with some foreseen releases at the end of 2016 he mental activity hed part some of the tracks he worked on move in reverse in the day with a itsy-bitsy re-mastering.

Jason Herd - I'll Be There (Original Mix)
Jason Herd - Resonance (Original Mix)
Jason Herd, Penny Mac - Not In Love Feat. Penny Mac (Original Mix)