Pav Gekko, Leo Basatti – Boomerang [Sub-D Records]

Boomerang is Leo Basatti's debut release on Sub-D records and he certainly arrives in style with this dark, tech house banger.
A deep bassline drives through the whole track while the jumpy and addictive percussion skips it into the subtle trace like synths, giving all the ingredients of a head down, late night stomper.

The Pav Gekko remix was inspired by productions of the dubstep/electro era, where strong, in your face drums are mixed with a nasty, pumping baseline. Unable to resist to adding his personal signature as a composer – a fast church-organ-like passage as a lead melody in the interlude section, later evolving into an epic outro.

Leo Basatti - Boomerang (Original Mix)
Leo Basatti - Boomerang (Pav Gmyterko Remix)