Paulsen & Stryczek – Scratched Like My Soul [Lemongrassmusic]

Once met a daydreamer and a master in the art of living, a studio freak and a street musician, a singer-songwriter and a groove inventor. What sounds like a get-together of a few exceptional characters, is the electrifying interplay of Paulsen & Stryczek's very fine talents and forces, endowing the duo's best for another truly breathtaking album adventure. "Scratched like my soul" is their third album release on Lemongrassmusic, a warm glowing journey of 13 electro-acoustic soundscapes. Oftentimes, the album is ruled by variable, exquisite guitar work, which is reinforcing the earthy expression, the album pleasantly radiates. Occasionally propelled by uplifting grooves, a dash of Dub, Tango or Lounge, the journey remains excitingly colourful. With catchy vocals and a bluesy guitar riff,"Scratched Like My Soul" sounds like a reminiscent to Zero7 and Bill Withers at the same time. Each following song maintains the high quality level, while a blissful tinge, telling about the beauty of our world, sweeps us away.

Paulsen & Stryczek - Sahara (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - Scratched Like My Soul (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - Craving Amplitude (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - Lush Pacifier (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - Rainy Day (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - Seidenstrasse (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - Dead Cat Bounce (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - The Chocolate Train (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - C'est Paris (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - The Thrill Is On (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - Havana Postcard (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - La Paz (Original Mix)
Paulsen & Stryczek - The Greene (Original Mix)