Paulo Foltz – Nebula [Konsep Records]

Distributed By Symphonic Arrangement – Are we adept to ease go? The hypnotic infrastructure of elegant drums, makes of Stiff Facsimile an enigmatic wake trace. Duality in timbres, prevailing rebelliousness! An pull to new horizons. Deliverance comes in fair epoch with the watch Bashful, a agressive cong, edgy, orgastic! Without dimensional limits, Schizoid is the needful epiphany to the freeing operation in wich Foltz orchestrates difficult and agressive drums, synths, and a true circle that echos gunpowder Techno. Nebula constructs the spirit, explores the ambiance, with futuristic effects and impenetrable beats. Into the difficult void, a conductor rescues genuineness with spatial pads, magneticly planned to a pause correlation. An extended engage in resulting from yawning afflatus, dedicated to focus and immensity. Nebula is Paulo Foltzs new trade. The Drums, deepens the incident, exploring the foot, the pit, the instrinsic. Connects with the inner self, reaches to the gone and forgotten, reverberates nostalgia.

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