Paul Weekend – 1961 [Nylo Music]

Both tracks arrest the quiddity of Paul's tone while being the finished comrade for personal moments and feelings. We are exceedingly gratified to in days of yore again be bringing you a enormous supremacy NYLO Music diss that was made from the quintessence and for the unimpaired territory to get off on. Making his inauguration on NYLO Music, Paul Weekend delivers an superior EP filled with perceptive vocal samples and capacious mace attract. Nourish on dancing!! This is in all probability Paul's biggest vocation to rendezvous, making it one of those releases that originate you sit up and carry off observe. Paul decidedly managed to establish the unrivalled means to get you in the inclination for a big evensong out. '1961' starts with spacious percussion sounds and showcases monstrous sampling labour, creating distinguishable climates all built about a murderer arcane dwelling-place flute, unexcitable vocal taste with lots of hanky-panky and a mischievous bass that thinks forge this honestly remarkable when dropped at any mace. 'Circles' is all hither the incomprehensible disco vibes and indie melancholic vocals working their occultism there wonderfully arranged keys.

Paul Weekend - 1961 (Original Mix)
Paul Weekend - Circles (Original Mix)