Paul Kardos – Balaton Sound [Society 3.0]

His late unshackle, Balaton Ri, is a accumulation of 3 songs with roots in mystical legislature with shades of techno, effective for a textural, unembellished and haunting characteristic, chockfull of excellent beat patterns and melodies with a hypnotic pet. He grew up to happen to an proficient and splendidly-respected artist releasing music on a spacious kind of important labels, including Bonzai Step by step and Unripened Martian, ethical to distinction a few. Hungarian artist and fabricator Paul Kardos is a driven, charismatic and ordeal artist who has been interested in creating music since he was scarcely 11 years old.

Paul Kardos - Balaton Sound (Original Mix)
Paul Kardos - Night Shift (Original Mix)
Paul Kardos - Hyperscape (Original Mix)