Paul Baule – Diplodocid [Mind Field Records]

Introducing Paul Baule with his debut EP on Mind Field Records titled Diplodocid…
It's always exciting when we get to represent young, gifted artists with a strong passion and definite signs of being in the music industry for the right reasons… Passion and dedication to the art.
That's what it requires and Paul Baule, at age 19, is already astonishing us with his complex and deeply innovative sounds…

Diplodocid flows with smooth layers of melody and percussion and a sensational groove… All sounds on the palette are used wisely, with occasional horns keeping the interest.
The mythical synthesizers painting abstract pictures of a giant Diplodocid walking through prehistoric woods.

Howrah & Tonkinesis take huge inspiration from Paul's recent trip through Asia, where he was able to visit countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand… Here, he collected hundreds of unique audio samples like water dripping down inside huge caves, rainforest atmosphere, monk choirs and instruments, all with the intention of creating something more sensational than the stock standard techno sounds… The samples are incorporated throughout these tracks, and we think it works, giving the EP great depth and diversity.

Truly an EP that doesn't just tickle the run of the mill senses.

Mastering by Nicholas D'Ombrain @ Zeitgeist Mastering, Berlin.

Paul Baule - Howrah (Original Mix)
Paul Baule - Diplodocid (Original Mix)
Paul Baule - Tonkinesis (Original Mix)