Patrick Richard – Parallax Ep [ROMB]

Patrick Richard is back on ROMB with a killer EP. Parallax starts off with a deep, discoish house banger, built around a firm kick, filtered stabs, arpeggios and lush pads, guaranteed to get the dance floor boiling. Gravity meanwhile is a deep, gritty, bass heavy house track with a dubby atmosphere, creating a relaxed chunk of deep house. A head nodding gem! The B-side starts off in darker territories with an aggressive stab to be recognized, a driving bass and pulsating pads that create a dusky, Blade Runner tinted atmosphere. Lunar Wave ends the EP with a magical space odyssey, blending sparkling melodies, bleeps and pads with a melodic bassline, resulting in a shimmering and euphoric piece of timeless music. Offering four, distinctively Patrick Richard sounding tracks, this is a versatile EP not to be missed. …

Patrick Richard - Parallax (Original Mix)
Patrick Richard - Gravity (Original Mix)
Patrick Richard - Wanderer (Original Mix)
Patrick Richard - Lunar Wave (Original Mix)