Pat Edwards, Boskay, Chann of Amraah8, Vicmari – Audiodidact [Slope Music]

What about house music from South Africa?
Well, here's a young talented man called Vicmari, with his fantastic debut album!

An ambient voyage through warm chords, beautiful pads, magic sounds and hypnotic jazz influences. Music to entertain you in a nice way.
Take a listen, and you will be pleased to hear some rare, quality modern house music – a style hard to find these days.

How did it come together? Vicmari contacted me, Daniel Paul, saying he loved one of my mixes, 'take your shoes off', and it had become a house bible for him. I thought 'wow', thanks!
After a small chat, we felt like brothers of house music, hooked on the same vibe. 1 day later he asked for my opinion of his demos… and over the years, he sent us more than 50 tracks to choose from. Today we are delighted to play some of them to you :O)

Vicmari - WonderS (Original Mix)
Vicmari - Hard Tension For Audience (Original Mix)
Vicmari - AquaZoo (Original Mix)
Vicmari, Chann of Amraah8 - Who Could Measure (Original Mix)
Vicmari - Local Play (Original Mix)
Vicmari - Let It Play (Original Mix)
Boskay, Pat Edwards, Vicmari - Sometimes (Original Mix)
Vicmari - Ice Glitter (Original Mix)
Vicmari - Life With Dub Section (Original Mix)
Vicmari - What With The Attitude (Original Mix)
Vicmari - Audiodidact (Original Mix)