Parallel, Eschaton – Icaros Lp [Omni Music (UK)]

Eschaton returns to Omni Music with an epic visionary journey to celebrate 5 years of Omni Music. He also calls to the helm long term collaborator, Parallel, to assist in his musical endeavours as he explores sonic dimensions teeming with life made of bass, beats and atmospherics. As usual with Eschaton's music, expect layers upon layers of shamanic timbre that tease the little details out from a plethora of possibilities, flipping between Drum and Bass, Artcore Jungle and downtempo grooves. Continuing from this will be 2 remix LP's from Omni artists old and new that have been dragged forth from a parallel world, where each piece branched off and evolved on it's journey through the multiverse; so watch this space for more inter-dimensional grooves.

Eschaton - Perihelion (Original Mix)
Parallel, Eschaton - Entheogen (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Animism (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Kensho (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Oaxaca (Original Mix)
Parallel, Eschaton - Santo Daime (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Between The Ethers (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Ancient Wisdom (Original Mix)
Parallel, Eschaton - Yage (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Zazen (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Kokoro No Heiwa (Original Mix)
Eschaton - A Perfect Sunset (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Ousia (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Iquitos (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Psilocybe (Original Mix)
Parallel, Eschaton - Holotropica (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Gnosis (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Mestizo (Original Mix)
Eschaton - Mushin (Original Mix)
Parallel, Eschaton - Dhamma (Original Mix)