Par Grindvik, Nihad Tule – Landmarks [Stockholm LTD]

'Landmarks' follows the sensation of Grindvik's opening LP 'Isle of Physical', released via Stockholm LTD in May, an album which spans the area of Grindvik's influences from his 20 year life’s work. Grindvik bridges Tule's calling with a traitorous dispense of outrageous-class techno in the arrangement of `Rite' and `Rested', both tracks laced with Grindvik's trademark haunting themes, which stick the EP to shape a unexcelled intact…. SLOBODA marker CEO Tule bookends the liberate with two tracks of paralleled force. Each component of this five pursue distribute, although written singly, fits together like a Edda which was meant to be. 'Kuortane (Landmarks)' pairs grainy, ethereal chords with thundering drums, while 'Bleed' closes the EP with on edge percussion layered underneath bubbles of twisted strain. Here, the concentration is solidly on the stick storey. Stockholm LTD welcomes Nihad Tule to the designation, pairing the Sweden-based manufacturer with designation boss Par Grindvik for a split EP titled 'Landmarks'.

Nihad Tule - Kuortane (Landmarks) (Original Mix)
Par Grindvik - Tradition (Original Mix)
Par Grindvik - Islingh (Lead In) (Original Mix)
Par Grindvik - Rested (Original Mix)
Nihad Tule - Bleed (Original Mix)