Panthera Krause, Sandrow M, Boredom – Geometry [Melodic]

Bonding above a shared fervour of Gloss refine disco, 80s Japanese pop and Heaven on earth Garage mixes, Andy Moss (Melodic Records Imprint Manageress) and James Cook (Delphic) recorded their initiation let off atop of two consecutive weekends, starting in a bleak Salford grinder basement not surfacing near the start on the Monday morning to start an significant roadtrip and ferry take to get rid of the recordings in an Amsterdam a week later on an Overtoom townhouse rooftop, as the sun came up, Tedium was born. Prepossessing their monicker from the lyrics by Alberto Moravia, Tedium are that unaccou juxtaposition where being surrounded by people can father harsh isolation, their mantra Gotta get up and out and up and out is a liberating buzz to arms of defiance to clear out all expectations. Joining the soir are German Parliament stalwarts Panthera Krause and Sandrow M who had remixes on the Melodic 12 legislative body bag which includes the beginning workings Geometry and Circle Your Chairman. Dreariness is the convincing blend pollination and sonic reciprocation of two isolated heady strains of Salford and Amsterdam beats.

Boredom - Geometry (Original Mix)
Boredom - Geometry (Sandrow M Remix)
Boredom - Turn Your Head (Original Mix)
Boredom - Turn Your Head (Panthera Krause Remix)