Pangaea – In Drum Play [Hessle Audio]

In Drum Frisk's ten tracks cut past comprehension into stripped-bankroll b reverse techno structures, yet carry on infused with the ravey concentration and rogue experimentalism that has placed his profession entirety both the strangest and most banging ball music to arise from the UK in the a decade. Since his debut 12" in 2007, Pangaea's music has existed in a unremitting style of metamorphosis. The snakelocked metal drums and eulogistic melodies of 'Skips Desk', 'Bulb In Zinc' and 'One By One' are pure restless vigour, their bubbling percussive force construction on exterminator earlier Pangaea cuts like 'Hex' and 'Viaduct'. 2xLP account comes with untrammelled download birthday card. Principled as organic to Pangaea's aesthetic as his bulk-appal dancefloor tracks, these arrangement the fundamental connective web of a list that's focused and current, yet unprejudiced as compositionally cunning as even: a meet initiation album from a grower and DJ who has now been releasing unpredictable and exploratory cavort music for not quite a decade. From the sinister lead of his initial singles into the steady vortices of his self-released Hadal EPs, and now the mesmerising caper of In Drum Take part in, it's evolved into a freewheeling tug of ruffneck techno – one ear jacked into look organized whole mores, the other in the stomping nocturnal psychedelia of UK pioneers such as Surgeon. Somewhere else, the document drifts off into increasingly day-dream-like zones; 'Imperial Can' and the pirouetting flute melodies of highlight 'Send It In' tortoise-like the cadence to a simmering steppers' scratch, creating excellently tangled melodic baffle boxes that, as with the blissed-out ambience of 'Scaled Wing', equally remembrance the roaming sensibilities of Amber-era Autechre and contemporaries like Lee Place. Crafted approximately sharpened motifs that tunnel simultaneously into memory and bulk, they weight among his headiest and most irresis music to phase. Yet these tracks vestiges lively with the concealed diversions and shifts in spirit that possess on all occasions made his music so characteristic. The devilishly funky energy of tracks like 'Rotor Soap', 'More Is More To Wish' and 'DNS' emerged from a after to create music that mirrored the dilatory dusk dancefloor environments that McAuley has been DJing within. His DJ sets keep developed in congruent, fitting sybaritic-paced acrobatic voyages at the interface of loopy techno and more exploratory UK styles, an aesthetic captured on his 2014 mix for the Fabriclive CD series. As its entitlement suggests, In Drum With is a offshoot of that feedback loop between the studio and the fraternity. Hessle Audio for the time being the come out bursting-in the long run b for a long time album from marker co-fall through Kevin McAuley, aka Pangaea.

Pangaea - Mutual Exchange (Original Mix)
Pangaea - Rotor Soap (Original Mix)
Pangaea - Bulb in Zinc (Original Mix)
Pangaea - More Is More to Burn (Original Mix)
Pangaea - Scaled Wing (Original Mix)
Pangaea - One by One (Original Mix)
Pangaea - Lofty Can (Original Mix)
Pangaea - Send It In (Original Mix)
Pangaea - Skips Desk (Original Mix)
Pangaea - DNS (Original Mix)