Pandamyah, Mezomo, Bill Kraemer, Acidfonk – Black Submarine [Techno LogyX]

Heterogeneous Artists – Ebon Submarine is the latest unchain on Techno LogyX.Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from nearly the everyone

Acidfonk - Hypnotize (Remastered Mix)
Andres Cetre - Nigth Vision (Original Mix)
Andres Cetre - The katarsis (Original Mix)
Andres Santa - Meditamundo (Original Mix)
Andres Santa - Monte Tauro (Original Mix)
Andres Santa - Reflexion (Original Mix)
Audio 1 - Aussetzen (Original Mix)
Audio 1 - Doroga (Original Mix)
Audio 1 - Red Moon (Live Edit)
Bill Kraemer - Untruth (Original Mix)
Mezomo - Hello There (Original Mix)
Mezomo - How Long Is Now (Original Mix)
Pandamyah - Black Submarine (Original Mix)