Paleokontakt – Chemical Ways To Digital Space [Mudra Music]

Chemical Ways to Digital Space is a convincing long play debut, released with support of the oldest Russian community Mudra, developing actual atmospheric music. Paleokontakt is shrouding a listener with crystal arpeggios, psychedelic sound effects and elastic but delicate basslines. Enveloping deep-water drones, sci-fi leads and impregnations of related genres add atmospheres and are capable to intrigue the most experienced collector of modern intelligent electronica.

Paleokontakt - Autopoiesis (Original Mix)
Paleokontakt - Earth Dream Net (Original Mix)
Paleokontakt - Radio Sagittarius (Original Mix)
Paleokontakt - Microscope Kaleidoscope (Original Mix)
Paleokontakt - Lingua Sacra (Original Mix)
Paleokontakt - Corona Astralis (Original Mix)
Paleokontakt - Ojo de Dios (Original Mix)
Paleokontakt - Crop Circles (Original Mix)