Paco H, Jose Rodriguez – Pragma / Philautia [Insolent Musik]

The last release of Insolent Musik comes from the hands of Paco H and Jos Rodrguez, the bosses of the label join forces to provide us an two gold pieces of electronic two chapters of the same book, tributaries of the same sonic we can listen to an outer space tunes. In the same line but with different depth. Pragma is a true bomb, true dance engineering fill up with synth melodies , and assassin basslines. It grows continuously in intensity and moodiness. The other side, Philautia, keeps the line of his older sister but discreetly.. both parts sustaining this danceable touch and complexity of arrangements that result in a extremely nice work…. A must.

Jose Rodriguez, Paco H - Pragma (Original Mix)
Jose Rodriguez, Paco H - Philautia (Original Mix)