Pablo Inzunza, Andre Butano, Oscar L, Ninho – Stop [Noexcuse Records]

Ninho – STOP EP

NoExcuse Records are proud to present to you 'Stop' EP by Ninho, an artist who is making his mark in the industry with his notably energetic and groovy sounds.

This four track EP opens with the EP's namesake 'Stop', a hard-hitting track filled with dark and dissonant synths, heavy rides, and all the necessary components to make it an underground slammer. Ninho's masterful use of entrancing vocal sections tied across tense breakdowns, followed by hugely powerful drops, make this a perfect peak time weapon. This track has also earned Marco Carola's seal of approval through numerous plays during his sets at Music On in Ibiza.

Next up is 'This Groove', a percussive and bass-driven track that forms a festive atmosphere from the get go. A pulsating bass pattern keeps the track pumping, while strong kicks and accented snare rolls bring a flare of vivacity. Completed by warm synths, and snappy vocal samples, this track is perfectly suited to build up any set.

Both tracks are complimented further by excellent remixes of each. Oscar L immerses 'Stop' with his signature hard-hitting kicks and heavy bass grooves sustained throughout the track. His remix continues down the underground passage, while offering a perfect blend of minimal techno drums and techy breakdowns throughout. Expect this one to shake down the walls!

Andre Butano and Pablo Inzunza's remix of 'This Groove' strips down the percussive elements and adds complexity to the bass groove, solidifying it as a tech-house roller. This remix is guaranteed to get the crowd going all through the night.

'STOP' EP by Ninho, brought to you exclusively by NoExcuse Records.

Ninho - Stop (Original Mix)
Ninho - Stop (Oscar L Remix)
Ninho - This Groove (Original Mix)
Ninho - This Groove (Andre Butano, Pablo Inzunza Remix)