Oziriz, Dura, Oxyenen, Jon Rich – Chief Importance [Flip-Flops Records]

One mortal! Be occupied in expensive-worth music.Electronic music – an marvellous symbiosis of cultural traditions from all about the the public

Jon Rich - Lets Go Pjano (Original Mix)
Dura, Oziriz - Going Deeper (Original Mix)
Dawid Web - Your Love (Original Mix)
Dura, Oziriz - Turbo Burren (Original Mix)
Dawid Web - Dont Push Me (Oziriz ft Dura Remix)
Dura, Oziriz - Riders On The Storm (2016 Mix)
Jackson White - Popcorn (Oziriz ft Dura Remix)
Dura, Oziriz - Club Mode (Original Mix)
Yell Of Bee, Oxyenen - Dogufo (Original Mix)
Dura, Oziriz - Shout (Original Mix)