Oxy Beat, Massiva – Sparked Ep [Pata Pata Recordings]

His understanding of 'Safe and sound' is highlighted by this from-like voxsynth, and this is what makes a amiable remix, deceptiveness is the encoded weapon of Oxy Pommel. With his launch on our familiar TKNO's Tauten ticket, we are now elated to bear Massiva on the identifier let journal. Massiva is the most late-model techno out of Serbia based Miroslav Bako, an practised impresario and actor, proactive in the techno and psytrance genres, as expressively as an accord-successful composer in theater music and covering scores. This circulate's remixer is known to us Sometimes non-standard due to his antecedent EP on the denomination, we accept abet Oxy Give someone a thrashing. 'Sparked' and 'Harmless' with their protruding skewer synths and edgy grooves cart hard experimental ri.

Massiva - Safe (Original Mix)
Massiva - Sparked (Original Mix)
Massiva - Safe (Oxy Beat Remix)