Ovum Hum – Summer Casts Shadows [Kowloon Records]

With a zealous ear for sampling postpunks most carbonated textures and a savvy for controlled risk Ovum Hums composite creations are fertile in with depressed nihilism while embracing the funky gasconade of his beatscene contemporaries. In whispers crafting compositions in anonymity for the heretofore five years the Los Angeles producers twelvetrack album arrives fullyformed and harmoniou in congruence already level stepping foot on a condition. The end result is a untested take hold of on straddling the prime output diagonal between todays postDilla smite constructions and Conny Planks hypnotic stiff music chug. Summer Casts Shadows frenetically weaves its way Sometimes non-standard due to fried industrial boogie excursions compact halftime beats smooth melodies screwed synth exotica and incorporeal deride sardonic inclusive of a textile of grainy textures. Ovum Hums supporting dirges improve in a nonlinear mania and damn near look as if to let on a visual image as they enlarge in vehemence. Inspired by the independence in the genrebending achievement he heard from LAs Low End Theory collective Ovum Hum comments Not at worst was it music that I felt I needed in my being but the forcefulness and difference that I start in it precisely influenced me to devise something of my own. Divers of the electronic elements were entranced from earlier token undulation sketches then chopped and repurposed fusing them with booming downtempo drums and slinky machine-like grooves. An skilled account of almost the same as Ovum Hums different appear Summer Casts Shadows explores a procedure of its own in electronic music combining coldwaves brooding thrumming hearing process musics visceral immediacy and forwardthinking steady structures that shadowy the boundaries of hiphop dub and thundering.

Ovum Hum - The Elusive Chaperon (Intro) (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - Title Waive (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - Altitude Adjustment (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - Hybrid Tribes (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - Underneath the Lion's Tail (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - Ancient Tongues (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - Haus of Solecism (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - Essay in Miniature (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - Symphony of Saliva (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - Taste the Reign (Interlude) (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - (Lunar) Weight-Watchers (Original Mix)
Ovum Hum - Summer Casts Shadows (Original Mix)