OverSound, Gee Moore, Neu Nox – To Transmit [Dubwise Records]

Gee Moore's Remix takes a darker edged proposition by stretching out the foremost melodic aspects while recapitulating the vocal refrain. Dubwise #12 begins with Neu Nox's catching Real Mix of To Despatch. Chasmal throbbing basslines unite with techy pads, pulsing synths, and fact vocals to bring into being a recent-evensong storehouse romp. The Oversound Remix reimagines To Transfer for a big flat by stripping the strongest components and resequencing them to a sound driving bass and percussion calling-out.

Neu Nox - To Transmit (Original Mix)
Neu Nox - To Transmit (Gee Moore Remix)
Neu Nox - To Transmit (Oversound Remix)