Out Of Fuel – Ghost Notes [Translation Recordings]

Ethereal synths and cavernous FX cut out across the soundscape on break wake trace Unharmonious Actuality, which double-quick descends into the lock-up, with a driving sub bass, rolling amen edits, and cavernous percussive reverberations. Next, name-path Ghosts eases the load with frangible breaks and a slithering bassline that weaves in and out of fluttering percussive layers and immersive atmospherics. Jitteriness is an faultless fiend of a pursue that drops with a vixen and builds into a thundering rout of bass, tribal sonics, and 808 triplets. Closing-track Unconsciousness delves into excogitative drumfunk stamping-ground, with a bubbling sub bass and echoing chimes that flopping out into the cosmos for the finale. Wallyard Riddim switches things up with a bouncing half-time scratch, dubwise aesthetics, and spliced drum edits. Helsinki duo Out of Nutriment horsewhip the unmatched evaluate between sageness and dancefloor for their Conversion initiation, the Ghost Notes EP, as they look into a contrast of strong, tribal sounds across the 85/170 BPM spectrum.

Out Of Fuel - Harsh Reality (Original Mix)
Out Of Fuel - Tension (Original Mix)
Out Of Fuel - Ghosts (Original Mix)
Out Of Fuel - Wallyard Riddim (Original Mix)
Out Of Fuel - Unconsciousness (Original Mix)