Oscar Mulero, Zadig, Birth Of Frequency – The Spelling Ep [PoleGroup]

A construction means for clubby act. He adds hypnotising, caustic drum machines and makes the synth strip increase and vaporize wisely. We welcome Lineage of Frequency assist to our ticket, after his unique arrival on our Unidentified Landscapes series Mass 3, by Exium. "Doorway" returns to mean tempos, fattens the quality and goes for a deeper discourse. Two master tracks of well-regulated and complex techno, added two remixes by Oscar Mulero and Zadig. Oscar Mulero remakes "Entrance" by twisting it from the word go, adding occasional measure sequences and harmonies, giving the rebound a not original r, and focusing on the soul of the scratch. Paris techno progenitor Zadig remakes "The Spelling". "The Spelling" is a multilayered sequenced anthem made of countless synth sounds, a punchy kick and an hypnotic settlement, for those heady moments on the ball parquet.

Birth Of Frequency - The Spelling (Original Mix)
Birth Of Frequency - The Spelling (Zadig Remix)
Birth Of Frequency - Gate (Original Mix)
Birth Of Frequency - Gate (Oscar Mulero Remix)