ORYX 9 – Abstraction Trail [30drop Exo Planets]

ORYX 9 has built a synthetic complex universe, in a 70s Druillet pscychedelic Sci-Fi similar vein, mixing up a handicraft and exhaustive sound treatment through ancient machinery, and proper mind-bending literature. Abstraction trail, a conceptual whole sheaf, is the result itself and the fourth 30drop ExoPlanets evocative Subatomic Uprising in Cassiopea's retrofuturism meets the lisergic onirism of Ethereal Aquadome. Bassdrum goes harder on the delayed hipnotism of Magma-45 Decaying Path, a planetary decadence tale. And finally, Ultraviolet (Light of Tsih), a cosmic endless melody from a dead constellation, winds up the EP.

ORYX 9 - Subatomic Uprising in Cassiopea (Original Mix)
ORYX 9 - Ethereal Aquadome (Original Mix)
ORYX 9 - Magma-45 Decaying Path (Original Mix)
ORYX 9 - Ultraviolet (Light of Tsih) (Original Mix)