Orlando Voorn – Lost In Heaven [Piston Recordings]

A man that needs no introduction, but is getting one anyway, Orlando Voorn debuts on Piston with the fantastic two tracker Lost In Heaven. Considered a legend among his peers, Orlando pioneered his unique blend of Amsterdam and Detroit sounds creating a fusion that would set the world of techno into a head spin. Down the years his style has varied but the essence remained, good quality music that stood out. He recently showed up over at Bonzai Basiks where his classic sounds got a run out including several remixes by top artists. Titled – Classics, it also got a pressing onto vinyl to the delight of many. It's a pleasure to welcome this guy into the Piston family and we hope to see more in the future.

Lost In Heaven is a surreal slice of deep house with a multi layered myriad of sounds that combine beautifully to take us on a trip deep into the sound of house music. Chunky kick drums and cool crispy hi hats provide a steady rhythm for the vast array of sounds to latch on to. Everything from watery synth chords to soft vocal one shots and trumpets are thrown into the mix here creating this authentic sounding groove. The perfect fodder for a late night session that will allow your mind to drift while swaying to the groove.

Driven offers up a raw depiction of deep house with a mixture of organic sounds and beautifully crafted melodies. The groove lends itself to the urban culture, a drive through a city where sights and sounds converge to paint a layered, textured picture full of imagination. The contrasting sounds are blended perfectly here, the deep rawness of the bass with the sweetness of the piano against harsher tones. Hap-hazard yet structured and smooth, this one will be a welcome addition on the terraces this summer for sure.

Orlando Voorn - Lost In Heaven (Original Mix)
Orlando Voorn - Driven (Original Mix)