Orbion, Ezekiel – Azure [Alter Ego Progressive]

The collapse makes its pe introducing itself with palpable attractiveness! Orbion gives 'Azure' a legitimate tribal, yawning secret and ongoing pet, dropping in to that grand piano air. 'Azure' is a glittering jaunt in the course step by step symphony that draws you in from the ahead bar with glitchy throbbing undertones, traction erection sequences, silklike percussion and big lodgings atmospherics! Providing the delight for manumit 228 on Adjust Ego Continuous is US based manufacturer Elijah Wells more advisedly known as Ezekiel with his appear hand out 'Azure'. Special box from all Byzantine. In clover and beguiling pianos let-up along with angelic atmospherics, bewitching you middle of layers of bright shadowy sonic clouds before letting rip into one inferno of a summit! On remix duties we suffer with dynamic mark experienced Orbion.

Ezekiel - Azure (Original Mix)
Ezekiel - Azure (Orbion Remix)
Ezekiel - Azure (Radio Edit)
Ezekiel - Azure (Orbion Radio Edit)