Optical Groove, Pointfield, Enarxis – Astrodrome [Infinity-Tunes]

After the pass out of the trail, Optical Scratch aka Bruno Brandao and Pointfield aka Bojan Mizdrak unqualified to opt for the speculation, resign oneself to the dare and at the last moment delivered a performed, lovely, unusual remix that has its own incomparable directorship. Refined compressed kick-bassline, punchy drums and hats, new arrangements and touches makes this new remix a MUST arrange for your store. Dancefloor neighbourly, with a psychedelic plait and 'pong', this is a unattached that you clearly suffer with to halt out. We can ensure you that every element is carefully crafted with passion, calmness and capacious strength. Enarxis aka Kostas Giannakopoulos and Achilleas Kalaitzoglou are one of the upcoming-underground railway and foremost projects that Greece has to provide. In a planet where unearthing is more urgent than transportation, it's the people who upon, remix and re-handle prominence to old essentials that should be rewarded. Highly priced fans, we are completely proud to now you the new individual EP from Optical Channel and Pointfield, remixing one of Enarxis tracks, released some while ago by our label and the highlights goes to the watch 'Astrodrome'.

Enarxis - Astrodrome (Optical Groove, Pointfield Remix)