ONTHE88 – Technically Human [Synthemesc Recordings]

A unfetter from Drew Porras' "ONTHE88" on the Synth Records identifier, has been a extended era coming. The seven tracks that assemble up this Mini-LP, report a stretch of lyrical improvement for the Los Angeles first, that ranges between 2014 up to July of this year. Big and effusive, while angular and slick, the music included here is meant for cathartic releases in the body of saturated bodied air. Blending a dissimilar kitchen range of electronic styles and real instrumentation, these compositions do their damnedest to scatter any "Lo-Fi" or "Bedroom" aspects of sometime releases, in favor of a more pop centric closer.

ONTHE88 - The Little Things (Original Mix)
ONTHE88 - Stop and Breathe (Original Mix)
ONTHE88 - Deep-seated Fantasies (Original Mix)
ONTHE88 - The Blue Hour (Original Mix)
ONTHE88 - Rule Over Me (Original Mix)
ONTHE88 - Virtually Desirable (Original Mix)
ONTHE88 - The Descent (Original Mix)