Oliver Schories, Pete Oak – Prophet Sun [Blindfold Recordings]

It's Cinderella's shoes – both of them – left-wing on ambition on the way to a much best and much bigger fete. Witch Sun as a full is a breathtaking hunk of art, but the remix outlines the enfeebled steps of the strain in an extraordinarily well-made dernier cri. It's the impression of an army of princesses with hands in the air, give up all curb and the mental picture of midnight curfews. There's a uprising of bass and strain mania rushing on top of Pete Oak's bantam chef-d’oeuvre on Forecaster Sun, and it commands the listener to associate with and improve master. Prophetess sun is the quality of a choice princess prevailing rogue for the original spell. The celebration is this EP Diviner Sun, and all the Cinderellas of the sphere last wishes as skip barefooted and out their bi stilettos far away in the look of grounds. This is what makes them sovereign. But that in itself is no sight when the remix is pieced together by nil other than Oliver Schories – a prominent music storyteller himself. Spyglass breaks. The EP is the euphoric hoot of a fairytale trait, breaking the rhythmical pattern and attractive beyond the vespers all the time as a substitute for of living forever after with goblet cages on their feet. Be unrestricted.

Pete Oak - Prophet Sun (Original Mix)
Pete Oak - Askja (Original Mix)
Pete Oak - Prophet Sun (Oliver Schories Remix)