Oliver Gunning, Random Soul – The Reason [Random Soul Recordings]

As we approach the European summer we welcome back UK artist Oliver Gunning with another vocal powerhouse record featuring Dharshana. 'The Reason' carries on from their earlier release on RSR 'Survive'. It offers the same quality production on the original, with lush piano melodies, vocal cuts and a driving bass groove. The main breakdown bringing it home as a solid house tune that will fill up your summers with smiles and vibes.

On the remix, Random Soul has gone down the classic route, stripping things back and focusing on more underground sounds. Sine piano, Organ bass, M1 piano and raw drums kick this remix into the deeper house realm. Again, it's ripe for the summer parties, so snap it up and give it a flex.


Produced by Spencer Doane & Oliver Gunning in Black Room Studio, Bristol UK.
Written by Oliver Gunning, Dharshana Navendren and Spencer Doane

'Random Soul Remix' – Written and produced by Lawrence "Husky" Huskinson & Johann "Yogi" Willenberg for Random Soul Recordings

Mastered by Colin Russell (DJ Freestyle) for Funkshun Produkshuns!

2016 Random Soul Recordings

Published by Copyright Control

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Oliver Gunning - The Reason feat. Dharshana (Random Soul Remix)
Oliver Gunning - The Reason feat. Dharshana (Original Mix)
Oliver Gunning - The Reason feat. Dharshana (Random Soul Instrumental)
Oliver Gunning - The Reason feat. Dharshana (Original Instrumental)