OJPB – E-lane 2 Troy [True Romance Records]

The story begins at the Heideglühen club in Berlin where the True Romance crew saw OJPB play. In the midst of his set he dropped a mysterious track that completely lit the crowd up, it was E-Lane
2 Troy.

In this offering, True Romance introduces Montreal based OJPB (also known as Bowly, DÐD, MTSP). Through this alias, French-born Olivier Borzeix delivers raw and adventurous rhythms sourcing his inspirations in rare funk disco nuggets and the golden age of house music, blending it into what he likes to call : Hypnotic Soul.

E-Lane 2 Troy is an uplifting cosmic mind bender. With its brilliant disco loops and infectious trance inducing melody, this is one that will fill and fire up dancefloors all over. The flipside, Fountains, is a mesmeric funky number which plunges the listener in a pitched down rhythm maze with pitched up vocals and haunting pianos.

OJPB - E-Lane 2 Troy (Original Mix)
OJPB - Fountains (Original Mix)