Ojan, Winterlight – Mirror [Melodica Recordings]

With the extension of an accessory tense guitar Tim created his own build of Electronic music. "Representation" is one busines electronica, one portion shoegaze, one say disconsolate and one portion confidence. A few years later when Tim discovered you could erect music with a laptop Winterlight was born. Aidan Warmth (Maps, Goldfrapp, Moby) ably assists in the development. Winterlight is the music made by Playmouth based Tim Ingham. Bleak drums, shaded beats and a haunted keys. On the remix face Haraket associate Ojan takes proceedings down a darker road by stripping wager the pads and replacing them with a sense eventide washed cut. The b-side sprinkling for the a-sides flashlight. When he was younger he played in bands that worshiped My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins in identical criterion.

Winterlight - Mirror (Original Mix)
Winterlight - Mirror (Ojan Remix)