Odell, Milton Channels – Fleur [Steam Circuit]

Steam Circuit kick starts its 6th year in the game with Fleur, a release that balances the warm and cinematic productions of Odell original mixes, with the dark and powerful remix by young upstart, Milton Channels With previous releases and remixes on labels such as Soleid, Spinnin, the room and pressure, Odell is carving out an expansive and eclectic deep house sound, and his talents are perfectly captured on this release. Your Lips, Underwater is a track thats been bubbling under for many months, a percussive and melodic groove wrapped together with heavy analogue bass and teasing jazzy keys. Title track Fleur, featuring the vocals of Isabela , is a powerful, brooding production. The house groove develops perfectly, with the melancholic vocal back dropped by the dramatic and haunting pianos and strings, evoking shades of Massive Attack production values. Fleur is a stunning and very original piece. Milton Channels, supplies a remix of Fleur, offering up an all-together different shade to the original.

Odell - Fleur (Original Mix)
Odell - Fleur (Milton Channels Remix)