Octavio, P Lopez, Gonzalo MD – Blue Vortex [LPZ Records]

Following releases on Knotweed and Philippe Petit's DMT, LPZ Records welcomes Argentinian Gonzalo MD to the logo. Go stay it out!… With 2 slamming techno tracks on the A side ('Indecent Vortex' and 'Neferu'), Gonzalo MD shows positively again his trademark automobile flute that should pick your ears. Lopez & Octavio bring definitel again to the hallmark to lay bare a deeper side of their techno-not-techno sense that. Both tracks tested with amity at leap floors across Europe and America to captivating potency. 'Lorn' and 'Immersion' are both techno/line hybrids that should do famously with DJs interested in blending sounds from both genres. On the B side, LPZ's altogether own techno duo P.

Gonzalo MD - Blue Vortex (Original Mix)
Gonzalo MD - Neferu (Original Mix)
P Lopez, Octavio - Lorn (Original Mix)
P Lopez, Octavio - Immersion (Original Mix)