Octa Push – Lingua [Combatentes]

Their another LP, 'Lingua' is scheduled for pass out in September and features guests such as To Trips (Deceased Combo) , Batida , Cachupa Psicadelica, Catia Sa (Guta Naki), Maria Joao Grancha , Joao Gomes ( Orelha Negra) , Braima Galissa , AF Diaphra , Truth Collective all of a add up to others. A set down , hardly unexceptionally in Portuguese vernacular and a impost to the Lusophone music that has been made in the terminal 40 years. "Octa Shove are a portuguese duo that fuses lusophone (Angola, Bissau, Brazil, Cloak Verde, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome) music with electronic sounds. Electronic music meets semba , morna , funana, afrohouse and methodical brazilian music."…

Octa Push - Intro / Fogo featuring Catia Sa, Isaac, AD2 (Original Mix)
Octa Push - Cueca featuring Maria Joao, Ary (Original Mix)
Octa Push - Lingua featuring Catia Sa, Braima Galissa, Alex Terrakota (Original Mix)
Octa Push - Trips Makakas featuring To Trips (Original Mix)
Octa Push - Gaia Cosmica featuring Cachupa Psicadelica, Joao Gomes (Original Mix)
Octa Push - Xilofone Tetete featuring Ary (Original Mix)
Octa Push - Mana featuring Bruno do Show (Original Mix)
Octa Push - Barbara featuring Catia Sa, Ary, Batida, Alex Terrakota (Original Mix)
Octa Push - LGS - LX featuring Afrologic, Temi, AF Diaphra (Original Mix)
Octa Push - Zeca featuring Gospel Collective (Original Mix)