Oco, Zen Baboon – Beat Generation [Sofa Beats]

And from the tone of it, final summer was a breathtakingly pulchritudinous one. Discrete as forever, each watch tells it's own second to none in harmony anecdote, using a colourful abstract of beats and sounds. 'Drub Formation' is the vibrant obtain of these accumulated adventures. Following a summer tired collecting seeds of ideas and impulses from festivals and people, Daniel and Henrique be liable to invest the winter months in the studio, giving harmonious arrangement to the influences and bodily experiences gained greater than the summer. Honest like each year has it's seasons, each Zen Baboon year has it's cycles too.

Zen Baboon - O Dia (Original Mix)
Zen Baboon - Love Road (Original Mix)
Zen Baboon - Chido Clara (Original Mix)
Zen Baboon - Clockwise (Original Mix)
Oco - Sandalo (Zen Baboon Remix)
Zen Baboon - Solar Cat (Original Mix)
Zen Baboon - Counter Clock (Original Mix)
Zen Baboon - Full Moon (Original Mix)
Zen Baboon - A Noite (Original Mix)