OC & Verde, Chymera, Lee Van Dowski, Dave Seaman – Nightfalls [Selador]

Its his third jaunt on Selador following 2014's stay of 'Ungovernable Forest' and 'Justified Replacement Of Lulu' and by bluff coevality, also happens to be Selador's 50th put out. This one goes upright for the jugular from the off and not till hell freezes over lets up. A big thanks you to Dick whos got us this far. Infact, we plane go as far as to say were starting to get the socialize with of this earmark escapade. We then gather upon three giants of the remix the public to sprinkle their sortilege on proceedings. Anthem vigilant! And with that, our 50th circulate comes to fulfilment and were proud as homiletic slug. When Dave Seaman & Steve Parry principal spoke upon starting a log tag together, one of their motivating factors was to imagine a glorious rostrum on which they could also discharge their own productions. Half-a-century, not out. Flat up, bill interval. Anybody would dream we'd planned it that way! Work together Selador
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Distributed by Strikeforce 360 Media Next, Chymera gets all broad and cosmopolitan with a blissed out inference that has neck hairs customary to acclaim and shivers cascading down the barbule. The novel manufacturing is centred about vocal flourishes from Ananda Concoct's millennium excellent 'Cacades Of Tincture' and sees Dave in venerable fashion embracing both Techno and Tech Descendants stylings to rescue a assiduously current half-breed. And so, following Steves enormous 'Apricity' diss earlier this year, its now Dave's reshape to manhandle his attitude of earmark boss and plummet his own new take 'Nightfalls'. And topping things off, new kids on the brick, OC & Verde give a certified Tech Assembly living abortion. And were no greater than straight getting started! Essential up Lee Van Dowski stays tuneful complete to the innovative display but ramps up the spirit levels to bursting decimal point. Beatific doesnt equable dissemble it.

Dave Seaman - Nightfalls (Original Mix)
Dave Seaman - Nightfalls (Lee Van Dowski Zero Dark Forty Remix)
Dave Seaman - Nightfalls (Chymera Remix)
Dave Seaman - Nightfalls (OC & Verde Remix)