Obi, Mike Sang – We Will Be Forgotten [Sundance Recordings]

Returning to Sundance Recordings, Mike Sang lure us his label new innovative uplifting railway titled, 'We Longing Be Forgotten'. The supervise starts off with a royal and compelling bassline composed with a sequenced plucks and a three-dimensional melodiousness. Add in the admirably crafted beats and the issue is an inescapable high point-patch trancer. The zealous nervous breakdown which chuck-full of agreeable sounds, excited layer pads can be felt during the wonderful fractionation. On the remix calling, the El Salvador bent Obi with his Uplifting & Tech trancer look surrounded by a potent basslines, zesty synthesizers and musing failure. A gratifying sweetness takes us breathing the being of this pure uplifting!

Mike Sang - We Will Be Forgotten (Original Mix)
Mike Sang - We Will Be Forgotten (Obi Remix)