Nytron, Luthier, Cury, JAK – Banger! [NastyFunk Records]

is a slice of tech that absolutely captures the being of the tube. 3rd footprints on the EP, Don't You Wanna, is signature Nytron – a veritable fete prints brim-full with smiles. Filled up with crayon, it's an flawless ticking space-bombard for the masses. Accommodation Funk Mademoiselle is a much more funk'd clean up, trippy vibes and foetid lyrics aplenty. NFR's adoration concern with Brazil continues with the welcoming of hot assets, Nytron and big hitters Luthier and Cury to the ID for the imprint's 64th diss. Featuring the nice hypnotic vocal of Jak, Banger!

JAK, Cury, Luthier, Nytron - Banger (Original Mix)
Nytron - Space Funk Girl (Original Mix)
Nytron - Don't You Wanna (Original Mix)