Nynfus Corporation – So Long Dudes! [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]

To move things up they be enduring teamed up with another heavyweighter in the episode: Timothy Acuten from Canada on the beginning cut on the a-side. The adoration to the dank fresh gold achievement. DJ Vida G of Nynfus Corporation, who has literally composed each track of this EP, resolution prolong his solitary artist profession, as he has established a renown for himself as a DJ in Budapest over and above the at 1.5 decade. They receive recently been signed on Rub Records and are featuring on Vol. The guys behind the music at any rate desire pacific be producing music below their new alias Insufficiency Jemmon (Kid Panel & dj Clairvo) and they are stationary quite dynamic producers as fabulously as DJs. On this EP we are in actuality in for a survey as the Nynfus company spoils us with some shape of the art glitch hop as nicely as some oldskool funky breaks. Is there a safer way to paint the town red the vent of this remarkable farmer gang from Budapest but to drip another dope EP on wax? Another understand to safeguard is Nina is Abet which tears up a brilliant archetypal and reshapes it for unalloyed caper down mayhem! 4 of the Scored Cream gleaning. The whole shooting match done with preciseness with one target in mentality to get the social gathering started. Breakbeat Happy hunting-grounds Recordings is proud to welcome subvene Nynfus Corporation for what wishes be their vastly last unchain a 4-scent partyrockin EP. Timothy Sageness on This Weed has already been turning heads as it has been on journey with Timothy including his set at a years Shambhala Festivities. You can be seized them every Saturday @ Akvarium Order in Budapest, where their whirl their unmatched merge of bass and hip hop grooves.

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