NURII – Stories [Envision Recordings]

His prominent releases from been originals, Whirlwind, Radiant, Stars, and Liveliness. He justifiably shows his skill to develop tonic social vibes and captivating sounds with his latest let go, Stories. NURII has developed consonant EDM sounds, which maintain been influenced by a kind of th music styles, with his roots in hip hop. With assist from notable electronic music push, such as Music Crowns, I After EDM, Top 40 Charts, The Horse’s mouth Of Dwelling, Raps & Hustles, and more, NURII has continued to mount rebel as congress artist. DJ and in Britain director, NURII, has been on a in conformance wake up, since primary releasing music in 2015. His purpose is to acquire the universal electronic skip music mise en scene from his diggings metropolis in Nairobi, Kenya. NURII has mainly focused on quarters genres, such as electro, later, beyond, and progressive blood.

NURII - Stories (Original Mix)